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Why iOC Tech

iOC Tech Inc is a leading manufacturer and Authorized Distributor for custom cables and custom cable assemblies and harnesses in Canada that brings a proactive and consultative approach to engineering fiber optic cable and copper cable assemblies by utilizing CAD drawings and rapid prototyping to determine specific application requirements. We are uniquely positioned to manufacture and offer the broadest range of custom fiber optic cable and custom copper cable assemblies including custom fiber/copper hybrid cables and over molded cables using rugged or MIL-SPEC circular connectors in Canada, with 100% accuracy and a price that is right. All custom cables are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards for reliable connections and are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship.

Industrial Cables & Industrial Custom Cable Solutions Excellence

We specialize in custom cable manufacturing for Industrial Networking, Industrial Ethernet & Industrial Connectivity cables such as Circular Connector Cables & Circular Connectors for Industrial applications: M5 cables, M8 cables, M12 cables, M23 cables, 7/8" series cables, M8 connectors, M12 connectors, M12 panel connectors, M12 receptacles | FieldBus Cables for factory Automation: DeviceNet cables, EtherNet cables, ProfiBus cables, ProfiNeT cables, EtherCAT cables, CANopen cables, UL certified PUR cables | NMEA 2000 (aka. NMEA 2K) Cables & Connectors for Marine systems: backbone cables, drop-line cables, T-connectors, terminators | NFPA 130 Cables certified for Transit & Passenger Rail systems: Over molded LSZH cables, IP67 cables, M12 cables | Amphenol RT 360 and M23 Power Cable Connectors: RT, RT0W 7.5A/13A connectors, 30A field installable & panel mount M23 connectors | I/O Link Connectors: USB 2.0/3.0, RJ-45, Industrial IP67 9-pin and 15-pin D-SUB connectors.

Call our FREE Tech Support at 1-877-592-4704 or send us a request by email or fill out our custom cable form with your technical requirements. Our custom cable solutions span across all major verticals and industries.

Key Markets Served

  • Manufacturing & Factory Automation
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Security & Access Control
  • Marine & Transportation
  • Solar & Renewable Energy
  • Waste Water Plants
  • Hydro Substations
  • Power Grids
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Rail & Signaling
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Public Safety

Custom Copper Solutions

  • Standard/Custom M12 Cables
  • 25 Pair Trunk Harnesses
  • Custom Harnesses
  • Custom T1 Cables
  • Custom DS3/DS4 Cables
  • Custom V.35 Cables
  • Custom Serial Cables (RS232,449,485,530)
  • Custom SCSI Cables
  • Custom Ethernet (CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6) Cables
  • Custom Coaxial Cables
  • Custom Twinaxial Cables
  • Custom 110 Patch Cords
  • Custom Hirose Cables (6-Pin/4-Pin)
  • Custom Telco Cables
  • Custom USB Cables
  • Custom 3.5mm Audio Cables
  • Custom KVM Cables
  • Custom Video (DVI,HDMI,VGA) Cables

Custom Fiber Optic Solutions

  • Custom Multimode (OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4) Cables
  • Custom Singlemode (OS1,OS2) 9 Micron Cables
  • Custom Fiber Optic Pigtail Cables
  • Standard/Custom Fiber Optic Patch Cords
  • Custom Color Fiber Optic Patch Cords
  • Custom Indoor Multi-Fiber Cables
  • Standard/Custom Fiber/Copper Hybrid Cables
  • Custom OSP (Outside Plant) Armored Cables
  • Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Fiber Cables
  • Custom Simplex/Duplex (ST,SC,FC) Cables
  • Custom Small Form Factor (MTRJ,LC,MU) Cables
  • Custom MTP/MPO/MPX Assemblies
  • Custom Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Cables
  • Standard Physical Contact Cables
  • Custom Ultra Polish (UPC) Cables
  • Custom Angle Polish (APC) Cables
  • Custom Breakout/Fanout Cable Configurations
  • Custom Hirose Fiber Optic Connector Cables

Custom Cables built for ANY environment

  • Abrasion resistant cables
  • Flame resistant cables
  • Dust-proof cables
  • Petroleum resistant cables
  • Water resistant cables
  • Crush-proof armored cables
  • Rodent-proof cables

Core Benefits

  • FREE Technical Consultation
  • FREE Technical Drawings
  • Samples & Prototyping
  • Custom Labels & Packaging
  • Using Best in Class Materials
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Timeline Planning
  • Certified Cables on Request
  • Quality Control & 100% Testing
  • Guaranteed for Life

Each custom cable assembly manufactured by iOC Tech is 100% tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

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